5 Best Eating Options Where You Might Sample Seafood in Beverly, Chicago

When you think of Beverly, Chicago, you probably think of the curious Chicagoans. It’s understandable if the restaurants were an afterthought. But times have really changed. It is a thrilling time to explore all the creativity from the sous chefs who have put this town on the Chicago foodie map.

When you believe that Beverly, Chicago only provides chains like McDonald’s, KFC or Subway, then, let’s just say you will be pleasantly surprised. We sure aren’t measuring our culinary triumphs by someone else’s arbitrary standards though.

The cooks may not get the hype here but in exchange, Chicagoans can get larger portions at half the price of restaurants in New York City and LA. These top culinary artists have all you could desire for your meal, from meats to veggies grown in family farms around McHenry, Lake and Will counties.

Chicagoans like how these cool culinary wizards incorporate irregular ingredients like beef jus and giardiniera throughout the meals. These truly are the grub holes that put this town on the foodie map.

We may be wrong or we may be right. But it feels ever so good to be lost in food paradise. Jump in a boat and get over to these hotspots tonight!

Horse Thief Hollow

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10426 S Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60643