11 Times Shailene Woodley Was Fanatical about Her Political Opinions

Shailene Woodley is totally inspiring because she is fanatical about her ideals. Confidence and beauty can take years of practice. This powerful woman, celebrity and political activist shows us how it’s done.

“No more pipelines. Let’s stand together & support Standing Rock with this awesome tee,” Shailene Woodley wrote on Twitter a few weeks before heading to the Dakotas in protest. She was arrested yesterday and later released for her stand against the pipeline.

Girl, you’re original and cannot be replaced. There were some challenges along the way however for this Bernie Sanders supporter.

Haters were saying mean things about her opinions and views on the issues. Shailene Woodley didn’t need the hurt and she didn’t need the pain. So she likely said to herself, “girl, don’t stop now, you can be the champion.”

The Divergent actress still loves America even if it does not always love her back. It’s a tangled relationship but one that somehow works for both sides.

To wrap this up, we think it’s pretty clear why she has so many loyal fans. Shailene Woodley is simply terrific.

These cool photos outline how she went from a total unknown to a global superstar and force to be reckoned with. Here are some of the times we completely adored and revered Shailene Woodley for being herself.