9 Gauche Grub Palaces for Wannabe Chefs Near Sidney, Maine

The folks have spoken. Sidney, Maine is filled with the most shamelessly tasty restaurants. These places serve up the taste of childhood. You might think mama is back there in the kitchen.

Say you speculate that Sidney, Maine is dominated by Domino’s Pizza, Burger King or Dairy Queen, then prepare to be amazed. Rachel Ray would probably prefer to dine elsewhere like Boston, Brooklyn or Seattle. But it would be kind of cool if people like that came here!

As a matter of fact, any buffoon can chime in with a shortsighted opinion. But how many folks have the long-term vision and business acumen to launch a popular restaurant? It is a very competitive food scene now. Dare to try local apples and maple syrup tonight. The restaurants in Sidney, Maine can match your taste profile.

The culinarians around town will “eat their own dogfood,” so you know it has to be good. These places offer the soups, salads and smoked salmon this town deserves.

There are ways to ball on a budget at these picks. Your eyes will pop once you see these dishes.

Pad Thai Too

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