8 Quixotic Restaurants for Parents in Smithfield, Rhode Island

Headed to Providence and wondering where to eat along the way? Consider a quick stop in Smithfield, Rhode Island. The chefs in NYC are fine but they’ve been spinning their wheels for a while now. For truly daring food, these places are the absolute best.

Yet for some reason, the chefs in Smithfield, Rhode Island still have not received due credit nationwide. However, it must be said that impressing food snobs from NYC is not a priority in this part of the Northeast. Rhodeans grasp what is good, nourishing and wholesome.

Smithfield, Rhode Island is truly authentic and that makes us all feel good. Fiending for potatoes and apples? Or do you want a fresh, seasonal salad instead. Or maybe both!

You may learn from the skilled chefs how to really prepare flounder and lobster to pull out the flavors. These places offer the soups, salads and steaks that the fine folks of Smithfield, Rhode Island deserve.

We would never recommend second-rate restuarants. So we sliced down the list and are presenting the most indispensable eateries in Rhode Island. Visit Smithfield, Rhode Island and get ready to take it to the next level.

Blackie’s Bulldog Tavern

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181 George Washington Hwy
Smithfield, RI 02917