14 Incidents of How Jen Selter Is Fully a Fearless Female Who Challenges Hegemonies

Jen Selter is a powerhouse of a female. She is simply one who slays. Glamorous doesn’t even seem like a grand enough word to describe her.

At this moment, she’s a beloved celebrity from New York City to Alabama. That being said, she absolutely had to battle to reach her goals.

Negative influences would seemingly always speculate whether or not she could get to the next level. She will simply keep on living her life, no matter what they say. Just think of how she shuts down body shamers instantly with a slightly sexy Instagram post.

Whether she is crushing it at work or in her relationships, Jen Selter shows everyone how to live their dreams. Jen Selter is simply perfection. We wish her all the best. She is simply terrific.

Whether on the TV screen or the web, she shines and we can’t get enough. Do you agree and also like Jen Selter? Sound off in the comments.