15 Tastiest Restaurants for Wannabe Chefs in Kosciuszko Park (The Land of Koz), Chicago

Kosciuszko Park (The Land of Koz), Chicago has plenty of very romantic restaurants. They are perfect for that special occasion. Chicagoans have been posting wicked tasty pics on Snapchat from the following restaurants. The hype is out of control now that new tastemaker cafes and bistros are available.

Weirdly, the cooks in Kosciuszko Park (The Land of Koz), Chicago still don’t get the credit they have earned. Unfair! Snobs like Rachel Khoo should really focus on other markets.

The born and bred guys and gals from Chi-city want to keep it all for themselves. Want Middle Eastern, Japanese or African for lunch? Or maybe bacon and pancakes are what you need for brunch.

In Kosciuszko Park (The Land of Koz), Chicago, the plates are bursting with fresh flavors and modern aromatics. But you can also opt for classics like pancakes and egges. And wrap up supper with a heaping serving of hot apple pie. Any town would be jealous of the restaurants in Kosciuszko Park (The Land of Koz), Chicago.

Share with the chef how you read about their restaurant on the Exception Magazine. All the folks in the food industry reads this site, so you will come across like a total foodie expert. Gather around the table and settle in for some fun.


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