11 Proofs Ryan Gosling Is the Internet’s Boyfriend

Ryan Gosling could be flirtatious in his own way. But he is mostly known for being brave and fierce at work. He is powerful and a true role model for guys.

These days, the supremacy of Ryan Gosling is an incredible sight to see. Before we get to the amusement however, a smidgen of perspective is mandatory.

Negative people used to joke about how the Notebook and Bladerunner star could even comprehend politics. At the end of the day, as this heartthrob proves, it’s really not about how you look. What’s on the inside is what matters.

This year, Ryan Gosling seems less self-absorbed and more charitable. And that’s beautiful! This Canadian has produced so much great work over his amazing career. He has embraced his inner weirdness and let his talents shine through just like a beam of light.

The photo gallery here is like a love letter to our favorite boyfriend. We couldn’t possibly explain all of the awesomeness in a single post but these candid photos absolutely represent how Ryan Gosling become so influential on the Internet.