6 Upscale Eateries That Every Visitor Should Try in Harrisonburg, Virginia

Harrisonburg, Virginia is overflowing with the most shamelessly awesome restaurants. These Virginia restaurants have discovered how to transform boring food into exciting art.

When you believe that Harrisonburg, Virginia only provides chains like McDonald’s, KFC or Subway, then, let’s just say you will be pleasantly surprised. Seriously, Larry Page and their squad can dine back in Dallas and we do not care.

As a matter of fact, any buffoon can chime in with a shortsighted opinion. But how many Homo Sapiens have the long-term vision and business acumen to launch a popular restaurant? It is a very competitive food scene now. Just imagine: you could be biting into a dish straight from a deep-fryer right now. Or trying fresh veggies and meats.

The cooking gurus are basically badasses. Brand it guerilla cooking, if you like. You can find restaurants in Harrisonburg, Virginia that are artsy and cater exclusively to cosmopolitans from Manhattan. Yet, it is worth noting that there are plenty of options for parents and the middle classes.

We may be wrong or we may be right. But it feels ever so good to be lost in food paradise. Get your feast on ladies and gentlemen of Harrisonburg, Virginia.


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153 S Main St
Harrisonburg, VA 22801