13 Friendly Hotels for Weekend Trips to Wichita

Wichita has the most luxurious hotels on earth. Some are luxurious while others are hidden gems. Hotels in Wichita don’t follow hospitality trends. Innkeepers in other cities follow them.

When special events come to Wichita, you may have to deal with limited options for hotels. Ask your closest friends on Facebook if they can recommend cool parts of Wichita to stay in.

We understand most travellers only want the best price. Yet others care more about the ambiance and will pay extra for it. There have been complaints that the breakfast is outdated at a few of these gems. Other than that though, these hotels in Wichita are known for their helpful staff.

Clearly, Wichita has earned its good reputation as a destination for all types of tourists. On behalf of the local businesses that depend on tourism, we wish you an enjoyable trip to Wichita!

Hotel at Old Town

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830 E 1st St
Wichita, KS 67202