7 Most Pleasant Restaurants for Fearless Foodies from Franklin, Massachusetts

Are you the type that likes to know about the best restaurants? You should visit Franklin, Massachusetts. These places somehow manage to serve up the tastes of childhood. You may wonder if grandma is somewhere back there in the kitchen.

Even though Franklin, Massachusetts deserves awards, there are people who haven’t seen the light yet. Behold, we have other options than fried food feedbags around here.

Oh well, more for the real Massachusites in Franklin, Massachusetts to enjoy. If you want to taste milk, poultry and sheep’s milk, then it is no problem. Or keep it real with classic comfort foods. Either way, these diners have you covered.

Soak up new techniques from the kitchen aces. They know how to inject umami onto eggs with a dollop of rutabagas, shelling beans and arugula. On payday, got money burning a hole in your pocket? Aren’t you lucky!? Yes, there are expensive options here where you can take bae. But there are also working class cafeteries which are worthwhile.

Be sure to tell the staff you read about their restaurant in the Exception Magazine! Maybe they will give you a discount. Given the chance, you would face-plant in a big bowl of this grub.

Jimmy D’s

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338 Union St
Franklin, MA 02038