5 Cool Cafeterias Serving Parents In Old Lyme, Connecticut

Old Lyme, Connecticut is one of the best places on earth for sustainable living. And that extends to how these chefs source and prep rutabagas, shelling beans and arugula. If you feel like only hungry millennials could appreciate the new restaurants, don’t be intimidated. The friendly Connecticutians working as the waitstaff will be your tour guides on a culinary adventure.

Glenn Close gets it but the nation’s epicureans may not understand life here in Old Lyme, Connecticut. The critics can go jump in a lake.

Believe it or not, many chefs would prefer a profile in the Exception Magazine more than Zagats. Whether you prefer potatoes, corn, or brown bread for your starch, there are restaurants matched for your tastes.

These chefs are rebels with a cause. Long time residents usually recommend starting out with a visit to the classic restaurants in Old Lyme, Connecticut.

We all need to unearth new places to dine now and then. Grub like a true Connecticut native tonight.

Rustic Cafe

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516 Boston Post Rd
East Lyme, CT 06333