11 Spectacular Moments When Megyn Kelly Was Dearly Outspoken

Megyn Kelly is popular in Paris. She is popular in London. She is popular all over! She will rule forever. Megyn Kelly is a bona fide superstar.

Slay queen! Do you remember all the doubters in the early days?

The loudest naysayers used to argue on snarky blogs about whether she was talented enough to maintain her career trajectory. That stuff doesn’t impact anything. She is totally a survivor and has serious tenacity.

She is smart and sexy in every single way, no matter what they say. It’s so inspiring how Megyn Kelly makes it clear that you can achieve your wildest dreams when you believe in yourself.

These heartwarming photos can clarify why Megyn Kelly has so many fans in America and Asia too. Time to recap the best reasons we like Megyn Kelly.