7 Groovy Restaurants That Have Redefined Gastronomy In Homan Square, Chicago

Traveling to Chicago for a long weekend checking out Union Station? If you want to grub right, then stop by Homan Square, Chicago. Savory and sour have formed a beautiful friendship with spicy and salty across the diners and saloons of the Jewel of the Midwest. Dollop in some corn, beef and pork and your table has got a feast!

Detractors could claim this area lives off food stamps and does not have solid delivery restaurants or even places to eat nearby. Appraise these restaurants for what they are worth and how many smiles they bring. Actually don’t judge at all if you aren’t willing to have an open mouth.

This municipality doesn’t ask for approval from the food channel. Want Maine seafood tonight? Or maybe some concoction of pork and smoked chubs is how you want to party down with your hippie friends.

We have learned that clients might digest tips from the cooks on how to really slow roast meats to maximize the umami. Just close your eyes and imagine drizzling olive oil all over a steaming plate of corn, beef and pork or salad featured here.

Chicagoans know you have to taste it to believe. Rock on. Eat on.


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2803 W Chicago Ave
Humboldt Park
Chicago, IL 60622