15 Overlooked Restaurants with Local Microbrews on Tap in King, North Carolina

King, North Carolina has a habit of mixing the old with the new. And the restaurants seem to fit the mold. Discriminating palates have tried them all. We can concede that the kitchen masters in other spots like Nashville are good enough. But they’ve been mailing it in for a while now. For truly bold American-style Mexican food, these places are the absolute best.

Maybe these are not relishing enough to provide tech startups with organic food delivery in Atlanta. Ultimately, we hear only clatter and commotion signifying nothing.

Ok fine. King, North Carolina only had good diners and roadside shacks for way too long. But the restaurant scene has really evolved over the last decade. Still think this town is all about chicken and potato dishes? Think again.

Locals can happily say that honest sous chefs cook nearly all the food in these kitchens. They rely on simple recipes passed down from generations of Tar Boilers who lived off the land. They really are the food spots that make this town one of the most special places to eat anywhere.

We have gone on a quixotic inquiry for the best grub. And we have found some true treasures. Experience the future of food.

Little Italy & Italian Restaurant

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735 S Main St
King, NC 27021