14 Diners and Cafes Only Snappy Natives Could Like Within Smithfield, Rhode Island

Are you the kind that likes to know about the most unique restaurants? You should totally visit Smithfield, Rhode Island. Sometimes you start shopping and ask your cellphone: where can I buy organic cod, flounder and apples in Smithfield, Rhode Island? And then you realize it would be easier to let a professional handle dinner.

If you think Smithfield, Rhode Island is owned by chains like Subway and Burger King, you would be so wrong. Who worries about this stuff though? The food in Smithfield, Rhode Island is palatable and that is what matters.

To Rhode Islanders who pay attention to the food scene, Smithfield, Rhode Island has been a legit food contender recently. Finally, here’s your opportunity to indulge in cod, clams and potatoes this evening. Whether you want to feed for the family or get happy hour with colleagues, we have presented you with great picks.

The top chefs are total bosses behind the scenes. Why not support the local food scene and the most promising young chefs from New England?

Often, Homo Sapiens initially travel to Rhode Island for the Newport International Boat Show and then leave. But we are always delighted when they stay around for the food in Smithfield, Rhode Island. Are you hungry for fish and meatloaf yet? This list will leave you hangry for more.

The Continental

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332 Farnum Pike
Smithfield, RI 02917