9 Diet Friendly Restaurants to Satisfy Cravings in Burrillville, Rhode Island

Burrillville, Rhode Island is filled with flavorful eateries for families, singles, couples. All are welcome. It turns out that the great food here is decidedly a result of this region’s eccentricities.

People from Washington may not understand why life is wonderful in Burrillville, Rhode Island. Candidly, they can be boorish and rude AF. However, jumping on the bandwagon and following the latest food crazes wouldn’t work here.

This post is dedicated to all the epicureans that told us Pats fans that we’d never amount to nothing. And to all the folks that lived in Portland, Maine or Hartford while we were hustling and just trying to make some money to feed our families. You could go with Italian spaghetti and meatballs. Or keep it meatless.

Pats fans who are chefs tend to follow no rules except for what tastes right. These are the culinary institutions that put this town on the map.

We may be wrong or we may be right. But it feels so good to wander through culinary paradise. Feast like a Rhode Island native tonight.

Lindy’s Tavern

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82 School St
Forestdale, RI 02824