10 Curious Ways Emma Watson Is Shamelessly Fashionable

Emma Watson might act a fool but she is serious about winning. Each new day she posts a fresh selfie, you can see how she has become way more confident.

To her biggest fans, her dominance is clear and well-deserved. Against this background, it was a painful grind in the early years.

Remember the incidents in all the tabloids. Talk about topsy turvy times. Dearest pundits: we politely ask that you find another target for your mean words. We don’t obsess over who she is dating or what she wears to the club. Her accomplishments are what matter.

Now she seems happy. In conclusion, Emma Watson proves you can change your luck by surrounding yourself with great mentors. Lean in and slay!

The following examples prove why and how she slays everyday. Let’s review the major reasons we follow Emma Watson.