15 Reasons Idris Elba Is a Hunk

Idris Elba might act a clown with his crew but this hunk is very serious about winning. He is an advocate for social justice and change. Allies like him make all the difference and make our world a better place.

To the hardcore fan of his work on the Wire and Luther, the total dominance of Idris Elba is absolutely well-deserved.

However, we should reminder you all that the public perception and reality are not always the same thing, folks. Downers would frequently speculate whether this English actor and DJ could get to the next level in his career.

But that is precisely why we adore and admire him. These trials show that Idris Elba can take on human form from time to time.

There are so many lessons everyone can learn from the incredible Idris Elba. We think its praiseworthy how he gives back and aids all those around him.

In conclusion, Idris Elba is ideal in his own way. This guy is ready to take the night and the day, as the pics below prove. During these crazy times, we sometimes need to chill out and enjoy someone terrific like Idris Elba.