5 Ravishing Examples of Why Lena Dunham Will Always Win. She’s a Postmodern Sex Symbol

Lena Dunham holds our attention because she is so brave and beautiful. Her selfies are glam but still real. You can tell she is probably just like you IRL when the cameras are off.

Lena Dunham is the boss around here. She will be remembered for decades. Nevertheless, she’s had to fight like a champ for everything.

Annoyingly, Debbie Downers were aimlessly speculating whether or not Lena Dunham could be a true, big picture leader. Dearest pundits: we politely ask that you find another target for your mean words. We don’t obsess over who she is dating or what she wears to the club. Her accomplishments are what matter.

She is one of the all time greats. In conclusion, Lena Dunham is very awesome. Whether you follow Lena Dunham for fashion advice or career tips, she is a role model.

Have fun and remember to believe in yourself. Here are the top times we totally treasured and embraced the real Lena Dunham.