9 Breathtaking Eateries for a Fun Time in Providence, Rhode Island

Think Providence, Rhode Island is a tourist trap? You need to upgrade your view and give the restaurants another chance. Delish dishes await every turn off the highway and the classic, winding, back roads of Rhode Island as well. So be sure to stop in this town!

Let’s suppose you believe that Providence, Rhode Island only offers fast food chains like by KFC, Burger King or Subway. Well, then, you will be happily surprised. Nevertheless, most of that is noise.

Naive ‘hot takes’ from Miami Yelp reviewers are usually unwarranted anyways. And the real Rhodeans here are already over it. Whether you like rice, corn or grains for your starch, here are the best restaurants for you.

Many of the ingredients are sourced directly from farmers who work the land not too far from Providence, Rhode Island. Daring restaurants in this town also tend to have parking options.

In summary, we have picked places that manage to mix old world cuisine with modern ingredients like cod, clams and potatoes. Eat up!


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200 Washington St
Providence, RI 02903