7 Amazing Feedbags Many Sports Fans Like in Lewisboro, New York

Lewisboro, New York has heaps of hip table turners. Fantasize about wicked good restaurants all over the map in New York. This is the everyday reality enjoyed by the locals in Lewisboro, New York.

Does it ever bother you that folks from Portland or Austin consider this area to be the boondocks? Newsflash: the chefs around these parts aren’t trying to sway the folk from Miami.

Knickerbockers who vote with their tastebuds have elected Lewisboro, New York as a legit, leading restaurant town. First things first, the captivating restaurants can get the job done for happy hour with colleagues from work.

When the game is on the line, the sous chefs are clutch. Here’s a recommendation for the ultimate dining experience in New York. You should really ask for the off menu pizza and sandwiches. The salty waiters may be reluctant but the chefs will be impressed.

We’ve selected the very best restaurants in Lewisboro, New York for your dining pleasure whenever you come to New York for the Catskills. Feast like there is no tomorrow.


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450 Oakridge Dr
South Salem, NY 10590