7 Food Traps for Blue Plate Specials in Baxter Springs

Baxter Springs has become a restaurant destination in the Midwest. Both native Kansans and transplants from Cincinatti agree on one thing: this food revolution warrants greater inquiry.

However, please be warned: you will greatly annoy our culinary artists here if you dare compare us to the food trends in New Orleans! We are quite cocksure that most of the callous human beings from Miami will some day end up as the biggest advocates of Baxter Springs.

Ultimately, Truly terrific restaurants can serve the common man too. Longing for some Scandinavian tonight? We got you! Or how about some enticing vegetarian. Even meat lovers would convert if they could taste these dishes.

Jayhawkers who end up making a living as grill masters tend to follow no rules except for what tastes right. It’s the way we do in the Wheat State. In Baxter Springs, there are flavorful choices that are alternative and cosmopolitan but also enough places that serve labor.

Epicureans from Des Moines should seek new restaurants that challenge deeply held convictions about food. Satisfy your cravings ASAP, good ladies and gentlemen of Baxter Springs.

Woody’s Woodfire Pizza

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1831 W 7th St
Joplin, MO 64801