11 Tantalizing Eateries with Creative Dishes in New London, Connecticut

Business people venturing to Hartford often will finagle an excuse to stop for food in New London, Connecticut. The dining experiences can be very fresh and yummy, not to mention nourishing and healthy enough. Spare the guilt and pass the dishes made with kohlrabi, nettles and mushrooms!

The fancy folk from Boston or Providence or other big hat, big city chefs from the Tri-State may not understand how we do here in Connecticut. We Nutmeggers refuse to track taste and service by some sad critic’s arbitrary standards however. Who appointed them judge and jury of fine feasting?

Necessarily, restaurant proprietors in Connecticut have the mettle and wisdom to accept that this is not a sprint but a marathon. If you want a good burger, check. Great pizza, check. Great value, check. The cured meats are great but we have more than that!

You will enjoy how the servers try to recommend dishes with organic veggies alongside the standby fried rice. A bunch are casual for chilling with your bros while others are for dressing up to impress your boss.

Use Open Table, the phone, whatever you need to do to get a reservation. Your tired taste buds will take a trip to flavor country.

Hot Rod Cafe

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114 Bank St
New London, CT 06320