7 Flavorful Eateries for First-Time Tourists to Cumberland, Rhode Island

Cumberland, Rhode Island is truly emerging as a destination for its terrific restaurants with incredible service. If you are worried that only millennials understand these secret eating establishments, well, don’t be! The friendly waitresses will welcome you. They are your tour guides when you go on a feasting adventure.

Say you speculate that Cumberland, Rhode Island is dominated by Domino’s Pizza, Burger Kind or Dairy Queen, then prepare to be amazed. Finance and entertainment bigwigs from Chicago may prefer other places. This is no big deal to the locavores here though.

This article is dedicated to all the epicureans that told us we’d never amount to nothing. And to all the boys and girls that lived in Philly while we were hustling and just trying to make some money to feed our families. The following fun restaurants will keep your whole family crying for seconds.

We looked for the most iconic restaurants in the Northeast when compiling this review. Rhode Islanders have reported that some restaurants here are hidden gems. Others are known spots for extra fancy nights on the town. Rest assured, all are worthy of Snapchat bragging.

We’d bet a dollar to a doughnut that you will like these picks. You will be drooling by the first bite into clams, whiting and squid and leave smiling after the last sip of wine.

J Gray’s Family Tavern

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405 Mendon Rd
Cumberland, RI 02864