8 Hip Hotels for Visitors to Minneapolis

Minneapolis has the best hotels on earth. The secret is out. We all like hotels that are very modern and comfortable.

Booking a hotel in Minneapolis can be problematic if you wait until the tourist season. Agents with travel experience universally agree that tourists to Minneapolis should come with their own ideas of how to define the ideal hotel.

Forgiveably, tourists typically want to be near top-tier restaurants or prominent sports stadiums. Other times, they simply care about whether the hotels are pet or family friendly. In full transparency, there have been complaints that the room sizes are small at a few of these hotels. Other than that issue, these truly are terrific hotels.

The hotels here have been selected to be the absolute best in Minneapolis. We hope you enjoy your stay as much as we enjoyed creating this list.

Hotel Ivy, Minneapolis

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201 South Eleventh Street
Downtown Minneapolis
Minneapolis, MN 55403