12 Groovy Restaurants That Turn Food into Art in Essex, Vermont

Stop and listen. You need to know that Essex, Vermont has become a top town for fun, healthy food. If you are worried that only millennials understand these secret eating establishments, well, don’t be! The friendly waitresses will welcome you. They are your tour guides when you go on a feasting adventure.

This is not a flyover zone anymore and the perception needs to update. Look, Essex, Vermont has other options than McDonald’s and Subway around here.

To Woodchucks in the know, Essex, Vermont has been a bona fide food town for decades. Whether you want savory seafood and meats or something on the lighter side concocted with maple sugars and honey, let’s just say these culinary wizards have you covered.

You will be awed by how these creative cooks use seemingly disparate ingredients like oddly shaped squashes, farm raised chickens and African spices. But it all magically works together in wonderful harmony. It’s a shame not to taste the best Italian or seafood foods available with your family. Top quality plates of fried seafood and sweet potato pies are meant to be shared.

Let’s settle the burgers v pizza debate forever by trying each of these curated eateries in Essex, Vermont. Dear friends and frenemies from Massachussetts, please take a seat at our tables for the very best cuisine in the Northeast.

Windjammer Restaurant

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1076 Williston Rd
South Burlington, VT 05403