8 Stirring Eateries to Taste Swansea, Massachusetts

Swansea, Massachusetts offers a cornucopia of fine foods like burgers, fries and root beer floats at its table turners. Because the food is so right, we think the tourist board in Boston should start a marketing campaign highlighting these hot spots.

For some unknown reason, the chefs in Swansea, Massachusetts still don’t get the credit they have earned. The doubters would all be proven wrong if they just gave Swansea, Massachusetts a chance.

Feel good restaurants based around Swansea, Massachusetts tend to challenge hegemonic food narratives. This is a true foodie revolution and it will take years for the rest of New England to fully grasp the implications. You really can’t go wrong ordering a traditional roasted turkey with sweet potatoes. However there are more advanced choices on the menus if you want to change your routine.

Flavorsome eateries are skilled when it comes to staging a meal. Appetizers flow seamlessly to entrees and deserts. These hot spots are generally hipster chic while the rest cater to the basics and bros.

The restaurants are just so tasty. You will ask if they can host your next office party. The pics below will leave you with something to chew on.


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1577 Pleasant St
Fall River, MA 02723