5 Undeniable Ways Laverne Cox Is Definitely Born to Rule

The world needs more heroes. At least we have Laverne Cox! She is kind of a geek but wants to be recognized as a priestess of high fashion too.

Currently she is on the top of the world. Work it! At this juncture, things seem easy. But they weren’t always this way.

So many naysayers openly used to be up in her business, arguing on talk radio about whether she could ever defeat her inner issues. She was her own worst enemy sometimes. It’s not easy to fight the power structures of our age.

She never truly relaxes since there might be another sexy model trying to steal her spotlight. It’s so awe-inspiring and endearing how she makes it clear that your wildest dreams are in reach.

These fun photos explain why she went from an unknown to a global superstar. Here are the reasons why we are fans of Laverne Cox.