14 Choice Hotels for Families Travelling to Saint Paul, Minnesota

Saint Paul, Minnesota has the coolest hotels anywhere. Some are chic and some are shabby chic. All are awesome. We got a feeling, that tonight’s going to be a good night.

What is your favorite booking site? Do you compare Kayak, Hotels.com, Orbitz and Expedia? Our travel experts argue that each tourist should have their own criteria to define the ideal hotel.

In Saint Paul, Minnesota, we get that many business travellers will pay extra for amenities and location. But some do want to find safe picks for a budget. In full transparency, there have been complaints that the room sizes are small at a few of these hotels. Other than that issue, these truly are terrific hotels.

Saint Paul, Minnesota is known as a tourist destination for a reason! We truly hope you enjoy your stay in Saint Paul, Minnesota!

Hotel 340

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340 Cedar St
Ste 100
Downtown St. Paul