5 Best Restaurants Featuring Fun Cuisine of Little Compton, Rhode Island

Guess what the best place in New England for mind-blowing food is right now? Little Compton, Rhode Island brings it every day to every table. Yup, you heard that exactly right. Ever head to the Rhode Island grocery store and ask the staff “where can I buy organic honey and dairy?” And then you suddently realize it would be better to let someone else handle supper. And not your spouse!

Even though there have been significant strides for the local food scene in Little Compton, Rhode Island recently, too many epicureans remain unaware of this reality. In full transparency, really self-righteous foodies from NYC and Philly might want to throw down their AMEX cards somewhere else.

As if anyone actually cares about stupid opinions anyways. Whether you like beef or chicken for your protein, there are hearty Thai restaurants matched for your tastes.

We tried to answer the tough question: What is essential to eat in Rhode Island? because there are now too many solid choices for supper. We wanted to showcase variety. Therefore we have included local secrets alongside bourgeois palaces which could end up in Zagats or even the mighty Michelin Guide.

To people who have called Little Compton, Rhode Island their home town but now live in some far off place like DC or Brooklyn, we bet absence makes the heart grow fonder and the tongue salivate. Satisfy your cravings ASAP, good ladies and gentlemen of Little Compton, Rhode Island.

Simmons Cafe and Market

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78 Crandall Rd
Little Compton, RI 02837