14 Fascinating Photos Showing Ivanka Trump Is Absolutely One Badass Slayer

Ivanka Trump has had a hugely successful life. There is so much we can all learn from her. Glamorous doesn’t even seem like a grand enough word to describe her.

To her biggest fans, her dominance is obvious. At this juncture, things seem easy. But they weren’t always this way.

She did hit a few rough patches along the way. To be fair, some were her own fault. But nowaways, the haters have been silenced.

We admire how Ivanka Trump is bold, beautiful and has brains. Talk about the triple package! To wrap this up, we think it’s pretty clear why she has so many loyal fans. She shows being brave can help you create your own destiny.

Whether on the TV screen or the web, she shines and we can’t get enough. This incredible photo gallery explains all the ways we admire Ivanka Trump.