8 Secret Restaurants to Taste the Best of East Providence, Rhode Island

East Providence, Rhode Island finally offers more than enough scrumptious saloons and bistros for gals and guys of all persuasions. Select restaurants serve up the tastes of childhood in this town. You might wonder whether that’s your mama back there in the kitchen.

East Providence, Rhode Island ain’t no libertarian enclave, good people. ICYMI: no one here is distressed about that.

Fine restaurants exist to serve the people, not people like Yankees fans. First things first, the restaurants are on point if you want burgers tonight.

These chefs are rebels with a cause. A few restaurants in town are quite casual in East Providence, Rhode Island while others are for dressing up to impress.

Rhode Islanders recognize that sometimes you have to start the adventure with the first bite. You will be drooling by the first bite into sweet corn and apples and leave smiling after the last sip of wine.

O Dinis Restaurant

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579 Warren Ave
East Providence, RI 02914