14 Events Proving Cara Delevingne Has Been Kind of a Global Icon

Cara Delevingne is more thoughtful and kind than even her most ardent fans may recognize. Whenever she makes major moves, people be all like “here comes the smasher, here comes the master!”

To her biggest fans, she is popular because she is an avatar of postmodern celebrity. Nevertheless, from another vantage point, it’s actually been a rocky road thus far.

Doubters would often needlessly speculate whether Cara Delevingne was emotionally stable enough to maintain her career trajectory. It’s not how you look but what’s inside that counts.

She hits the gym to take her mind off the drama. And all that humping and pumping iron really paid off. This is one self confident, strong woman! The world is still spinning and every day, Cara Delevingne keeps on winning. Show us how it is done, girl!

We hope you bask in the glory here. We can’t wait to see what happens next. Here is proof she is going to rule for a while!