7 Cool Moments When Serena Williams Will Be Too Pretty

Serena Williams has had a hugely successful life in fashion. There is so much we can all learn from her. Serena Williams is actually a philosopher on important world affairs if you stop and think about it.

According to the common view image in the press, Serena Williams is considered to be intrepid. That being said, she absolutely had to battle to reach her goals.

Way too many naysayers had been arguing on morning talk shows about if her riskier lifestyle decisions would catch up to her. It was all a bunch of noise though. And our queen knows how to stub it out at the source.

She never relaxes because there is always another sexy newbie trying to steal the spotlight. There are many times when she was basically your BFF.

The following moments capture how Serena Williams slays like everyday. Here is a list of why we like Serena Williams.