5 Hip Hotels to Live the Best of Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The hotel choices in Winston-Salem, North Carolina are actually now worthy of this amazing city. Meetings, whether for work or pleasure, are all in walking distance when you stay at the right hotel.

Booking a hotel in Winston-Salem, North Carolina can be problematic if you wait until the tourist season. Our travel experts argue that each tourist should have their own criteria to define the ideal hotel.

We get that many travellers really care more about the scene than anything else and will pay extra for it. These hotels might not offer a pool or rooftop access which would have been a nice bonus. But that doesn’t stop anyone from booking a room.

In this article, we’ve selected the very best hotels in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. You would definitely stay at these hotels again.

Comfort Suites Hanes Mall

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200 Capitol Lodging Ct
Winston-Salem, NC 27103