11 Dazzling Moments Amy Schumer Overcame Adversity. And Now She Is a Representative of the New Elite

Amy Schumer proves that anyone can be quirky and still confident. She is truly loved by nearly everyone in America, from hipsters and goths to jocks and basics.

Across the world, Amy Schumer is recognized as a Post-Playboy sex symbol. To the casual observer, it certainly appears as if she has got it all figured out. But we wouldn’t be surprised if Amy Schumer is actually never satisfied with the status quo.

So many haters often would joke about how she could even understand math and science. Who cares about her weight or diet?

This year, she seems less self-absorbed and more charitable. And that’s awesome! Amy Schumer understands how to dress to impress. She can project her power in many subtle ways.

Are y’all ready to feel inspired? We couldn’t possibly explain all of the awesomeness in a single post but these candid photos absolutely represent how Amy Schumer become so influential.