6 Curious Ways Tove Lo Remembers Her Roots. And Now She Is a Lifehacker

Can we just state the obvious? Tove Lo is gorgeous. Her selfies are glam but still real. You can tell she is probably just like you IRL when the cameras are off.

Recently, she seems more heroic. But do you recall the people in the early days who doubted whether she couldn’t deliver?

Downers were arguing on talk radio about whether she was emotionally stable enough to be successful long-term. The negativity has gotten quite tiresome. This article though isn’t about any of that. We prefer the positive coverage of Tove Lo.

She has generated an obscene amount of wealth by sticking to her strengths. In summary, Tove Lo is a living example of how you can change your fortunes by surrounding yourself with great mentors. If you follow good advice, good fortunes await.

These candid photos can help you understand why she has so many followers. Time to review the finest of Tove Lo.