5 Times Showing Lena Dunham Learned to Win. Now She Is Flaunting Her Talents

Lena Dunham is popular in Paris. She is popular in London and Rome too. She is popular all over this world! To this day, Lena Dunham is quirky, bold and confident in every way.

From blogs to magazine profiles, journalists admire her for her looks. We all know she’d rather be known for what she is reading than what she is wearing to an awards show. Before we get to the fun, let’s acknowledge the struggles that made Lena Dunham who she is.

Too many negative influences used to take up print columns arguing about whether she was a leader and a good role model. Yet that’s why we respect this gal. These tests took real courage to overcome.

Lena Dunham is an all-time great. She shows how really anything is possible in this life when you have good values and a strong work ethic.

These rare yet chic moments capture how Lena Dunham slays and works it right. Ok, enough words already. Time to recap the major reasons, in photo form, of we like Lena Dunham.