6 Best Eateries In Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is one of the best places on earth for sustainable living. And that includes how and where people eat. They will cause rumbles in your belly because you will eat so much.

Yet even today, this town gets no respect from the culinary hotshots in Paris, London and New York City. The doubters would be proven wrong if they just gave this town a chance. Oh well, more for us then.

Desire exciting new flavors and locally sourced, sustainable ingredients? Those options are on seemingly every menu nowadays. These restaurants are perfect for gluttony. And there are options for people on a diet or living gluten free. A five course gluttonous feast is easily attainable in Pittsburgh. Or you could sneak in a quick bite if you have no time.

These are the places every kale addict should visit for brunch and then revisit for lunch. Feast your hearts out America.

Meat & Potatoes

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649 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222