8 Sublime Ways Hillary Clinton Is Really a Chick Who Defends her Squad

Hillary Clinton is super relevant to the cool kids in DC, Boston and New York. She is popular in red states too. She is inspiring and amazing in every way.

She is a champion. You are going to hear Hillary Clinton roar! A bit of perspective is necessary however.

Haters used to secretly whisper if she was emotionally and mentally stable enough to maintain her career trajectory. Dearest media talking heads: we politely ask that you find some other target! We don’t judge if she wants to garble down a slab of pizza and wine after a hard days night.

These days, Hillary Clinton sounds like she is finally ready for even bigger opportunities. She knows how to dress to impress and can project her power in many ways.

The following moments capture how she slays everyday. During these wild and crazy times, we all sometimes need to chill out and enjoy someone wonderful like Hillary Clinton.