5 Baller Restaurants That Challenge Everything About Food In Providence, Rhode Island

Providence, Rhode Island is finally getting some respect for its newer restaurants. The munchie options are tantalizingly delicious.

If you assume this town is dominated by Domino’s Pizza, Panera, Dairy Queen, then prepare to be amazed. Hollywood fav Mario Batali and the like can take their attitudes somewhere else. Oh well, more for the locals in Providence, Rhode Island to enjoy.

If you are a vegetarian, perfect restaurants are finally an option in Providence, Rhode Island. The friendly waiters and waitresses in Providence, Rhode Island can easily match your taste preferences with the perfect dish. These restaurants offer ample opportunities to eat with a view or dine by tablecloth. Celebrate an anniversary or a big promotion at your job with a quality meal.

Be sure to tell the staff you read about their restaurant in the Exception Magazine! Perhaps they will give you a discount. Satisfy your cravings ASAP, good ladies and gentlemen of Providence, Rhode Island.

The Slow Rhode

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425 W Fountain St
Ste 106
Federal Hill