8 Persuasive Proofs Margot Robbie Has Always Been SO Naughty

Margot Robbie is a feminist icon. Her selfies are epic. Yet she still seems real even though she has the image of a total diva. You can tell she is probably pretty low key, especially when she hangs out with her friends.

These days, her dominance is magical and a sight to see. The facts are on record. But nevertheless, do you recall the haters over the years?

Naysayers had been questioning if she could develop into a role model who cared for the poor. She just keeps on living her life though. And she can shut down body shamers instantly with a hot Insta post.

Even though she is a class act in front of the cameras, Margot Robbie knows you can be real when chilling with your BFF. It’s so awe-inspiring and endearing how she makes it clear that your wildest dreams are in reach.

You may not agree with her politics. Look. that’s actually ok! Here are the top times we totally treasured and embraced the real Margot Robbie.