11 Cruel Ironies About Hillary Clinton Which the Mainstream Media and Kate McKinnon Won’t Debate

We live in insane political times. Hillary Clinton is proof of that. The Presidential debate tonight at Hofstra could also be a turning point in history.

The realities related to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump sure seems like an inconvenience to the elite powers that control our country. Voters here in the USA are all fine with a good and balanced discussion and debate. But we can’t let bias parade like fact.

Nevertheless, the elites in the business class and media have been spreading misinformation by funding ‘gotcha journalism.’ Shows like Saturday Night Live feature actresses like “Ghostbusters” star Kate McKinnon who will no doubt spoof the debate soon. Every day, the pundits are using the worst stereotypes and slandering this side.

May we state the obvious? Hillary Clinton should get more fair coverage on the web and on TV. We’ve hand picked a bunch of memes that outline what’s really happening now, especially when it comes to Hillary Clinton.  Crazy times indeed and these pics represent why.

These memes sum up both the threats we face and the chance for hope in America. The powers that be can try to mask the truth but the American people are not as mindless as the cynical TV pundits.

Turn off the TV and take to the web with these truth bombs. Never stop the fight.


Crooked Hillary Clinton 2016-09-01 at 1.14.19 PM