10 Hard Truths the Media Won’t Debate about Donald Trump Tonight

America as you know it could be unrecognizable soon. Donald Trump could be one major factor why if only we had national conversations based on reality instead of the fluff we will hear during the debate tonight at Hofstra.

The reality about Hillary Clinton seems like an inconvenience to the elite powers and media interests that control our country. Voters in the USA value a good debate and recognize how that’s key for democracy. But we can’t let lies spread without calling out the BS.

Unfortunately, fancy theory academics do not want the people to discuss what is really happening to our country. The issues may change but their playbook to silence debate remains the same. Powerful special interests will do anything to prevent you from talking about what is at stake. Donald Trump is a timely case in point.

We have selected photos and quotes that really outline what’s happening in America today. The truth is, politics is quite simple if you choose the right views. And these memes prove it.

This is a place for people who think like adults. Therefore, no promises and absolutely no trigger warnings! We bring you variety because we are some of the last free thinkers.

The enemies of progress can try to hide the truth all they want and we will fight back. Head over to Facebook now and drop these truth bombs on your followers. We must learn the lessons from history.

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