9 Awesome Ways Oprah Winfrey Has Been Sexy and Bold

Some how, some way, Oprah Winfrey is still considered influential and oddly cool across America. Everyone loves her abroad as well. She has crushed it ever since she burst onto the scene.

To her core fan base, her dominance will be eternal. A tiny bit of perspective is necessary at this point, however.

Negative influences were arguing on talk radio about why she did not have the talents to last. Could she rake in the cash to keep living like luxury? Yet that is exactly why we should all respect Oprah Winfrey. Those tests took some real courage to overcome.

We heart how XXXX is bold, beautiful and has brains. Talk about the triple package! She is your guide through the weird pressures of modern life.

These pics summarize why young girls everywhere care about her. Here are some of the ways we admire Oprah Winfrey.