8 Dining Destinations To Finally Understand Life in Ellsworth, Maine

Looking for a restaurant destination in Ellsworth, Maine? Look no further, friends. The wicked good food in Ellsworth, Maine is so fresh and savory. These places will satisfy any craving.

Weirdly, the chefs in Ellsworth, Maine still don’t get the credit they have earned. Nevertheless, chasing food trends is not a priority here in LL Bean territory. The locals know what is good and tasty to their tastes.

At the Exception Magazine, we prefer to focus on all that is awesome in food. Whether you and the fam want to go with homemade pasta mixed with some Maine shrimp, clams and mussels or keep it all vegan, the restaurants in Ellsworth, Maine can easily match your taste profile.

We heart how the chefs source Maine blueberries, raspberries and strawberries from the wild, all within a short drive of Ellsworth, Maine. These are the institutions that define good eating and we are proud to show them off.

McKays Public House

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231 Main St
Bar Harbor, ME 04609