6 Ways Brandi Love Is Proudly Better Than a Basic

Brandi Love has serious #Squadgoals. We’ve got to give a big thumbs up for that. She is totally splendid in every way.

Young people around the globe look up to her since she shows how to work it hard, like it’s your profession. Before we get to the fun, let’s acknowledge the struggles that made Brandi Love who she is.

Remember how the tabloids would speculate on whether she was pregnant? If a women wants children, that’s her business. It was all a bunch of noise though. And our queen knows how to stub it out at the source.

Brandi Love reveals that you can have loads of fun in life. It’s ok to enjoy the journey. Her life proves that women can have it all. Slay!

These candid moments capture how she crushes life yet still enjoys the fun, wild ride. Have fun gawking at Brandi Love.