5 Swank Restaurants for a Date Night in North Yarmouth, Maine

North Yarmouth, Maine is filled with captivating restaurants that will warm your hearts and satiate your stomachs. The cuisine is so nourishing. There are goodies galore.

If you assume this town is dominated by McDonald’s or Amato’s, then prepare to be amazed. We are not measuring success by whether or not sexy celebs ever pop by and bring the paparazzi!

North Yarmouth, Maine is all about good food and doesn’t give a rip about satisfying the world’s 1 percent. You could be chowing into fresh vegetables grown within a few miles of North Yarmouth, Maine.

These Maine restaurants are not bad for dieters. Although you should be mindful of the huge portions. The fine citizens of North Yarmouth, Maine have reported that a select set of restaurants here are truly local secrets while others are well known for the food. Rest assured, all are worthy of Snapchat bragging.

Royal River Grillhouse

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106 Lafayette St
Yarmouth, ME 04096