11 Unbelievable Times Lena Dunham Believed in Herself. She’s Flirtatious

Lena Dunham is more thoughtful and spiritual than even her most ardent fans may recognize. She is a natural leader and role model, even if it took her a while to embrace her influence.

Across America and around the world, many now acccept that her accomplishments are impressive. That being said, her inaugaration to the VIP was not preordained.

It’s crazy to think of all the challenges in her life. Yet that’s why we respect this awesome woman. These tests took real courage, passion and guts to overcome.

These days she seems to be eating healthy and hitting the gym. In conclusion, Lena Dunham proves any person can change their fortunes by finding great mentors and taking their good advice.

Are you guys ready to be awed? We are proud to show we love Lena Dunham.