5 Ways Today’s Black Women Are Slaying It

Hey there! Can we get real with you for a hot minute?

The news media tends to harp on a bunch of wack stats about black women in the United States of America. Like E.V.E.R.Y. week, there are more misleading articles slandering the good names of black women. You’ve heard the list many times: black women don’t get married enough, kids raised by single moms etc etc.

We want to be clear that we are not trivializing any of the issues that are all too real, such as discrimination in the workforce or by the police. Everyone needs to keep up the fight for racial justice, from #blacklivesmatter activists to celebs to politicians to allies in the Hispanic or white communities.

Our main point is that there can be too much focus on the negativity. And this can drown out all the ways that today’s black women are totally phenom these days.

The media won’t tell you these stats, so let us take the mic and provide 5 proofs that show today’s black women are slaying it!


1) Black women are America’s leading entrepreneurs

Tyra Banks

According to the media, the typical startup founder in America is a young white guy who dropped out of Harvard or Stanford. But this myth doesn’t represent reality.

Did you know that African American-owned businesses are the fastest-growing segment of the women-owned business market? Furthermore, black women are starting up at a rate that is six times higher than the national average! To put this in even greater perspective, the number of companies started by African American women grew nearly 258 percent from 1997 to 2013.

In total, black women-owned businesses employed 272,000 workers and generated almost $45 billion in revenue, as of 2013.



2) Black women are confidently FIERCE in their beauty

beyonce nicki

Don’t get us started on those bogus pseudoscience studies on race and beauty. We aren’t going to legitimize any of them since they are usually cooked up by old white men in the land. The results are predetermined when you get the data by asking racist frat boys what they find attractive.

Often though, the media will use more coded patronizing language like how black beauty is “unconventional” or “exotic.” “Diverse” photo shoots end up as patronizing and marginalizing. Like WTF is that verbiage?

Unconventional? Nope. How about flat out beautiful.

Seriously, ever stop to think that if white women are the ideal of beauty, like the media wants you to believe, then why are white women getting so much plastic surgery? Of all cosmetic procedures in America, 80% were for white women versus only 8% for African American women.

So smile. Because whatever you’re going through, it is almost over. And whatever life has in store for you is going to be bigger and better than what you’ve imagined for yourself. You are absolutely flawless IRL!



3) Black women are the most educated group in America

Ursula Burns

Black women are grabbing college degrees at a hotter clip than any other group. According to this compiled data from the Census Bureau, as of 2011 9.7 percent of Black women are enrolled in college compared to 8.7 percent of Asian women and 7.1 percent for White women.

Education is key for economic mobility, so expect this trend to pay big dividends down the road.

Can’t stop won’t stop, eh eh


4) Michelle Obama

black women success

While racist clowns attack Barack Obama every day, at least most people recognize the greatness that is Michelle Obama. America’s first lady is universally loved and the ultimate role model.

Did you know that Michelle actually has the highest approval ratings and lowest disapproval ratings of any first lady?


5) Black women might have stronger immune systems from ailments like asthma

Whoopi Goldberg

We don’t want to go too far down the rabbit hole of genetics but it is somewhat ironic that white people, given their obsession with blood lines, are more likely to suffer from ailments like asthma and hay fever.

Scientists have discovered that all non-Africans today carry 1-6% of Neanderthal DNA and these genes make people prone to overly sensitive immune systems. That’s what you get for freaking with a Neanderthal.

Oh snapsss!!



The future is bright for black women in America!

Michelle obama students

Sometimes, we guess the saying is legit. The truth does hurt… and we are gluttons for punishment!